Travel young or older: pros and cons.

There’s much debate about when is the best time to travel, is it better to travel when you’re young or is it better to travel when you’re older. although the exact age is that qualify for a description of “young” versus “old” can be left up to individual interpretation. At either age most are searching for Happiness and personal fulfillment to some degree.

Traveling young < 30 years old.

  • No responsibility – You have fewer responsibilities and obligations, financial and otherwise. This is a perfect time to travel on a slim budget, stay in hostels and couch surfing with likeminded people. It’s great not leaving anything behind that could lead to consequences if unattended.
  • School’s out! – You have finished school – high school and college and possible second degree. You don’t have to think about deadlines or requirements or expectations. This is a great time to evaluate your education and possible next steps with a mind not bogged down with a to-do list.
  • No career yet – You have not established your career nor a network. Sometimes it can be difficult to abort a career that is on a trajectory and so having the chance to travel before this occurs should be seized.
  • No babies, no kids, no spouse! – You do not have young children or spouse to consider in your plans. This is a no-brainer, you are free to travel!
  • New friends – Exposure to other cultures at an impressionable age. Meeting people from different cultures during your travels who are either local residents or other travelers can provide eye opening experiences with exposure to different ways of life, diets, styles of communication and even relationships that can be lifelong.
  • Finding you! – Development of self-awareness and your personal identity. All of the above reasons given can help to contribute to your having a better understanding of who you are.
  • Character and personality work – Development of humility and tolerance from exposure to other cultures. With exposure to other cultures, through understanding an appreciation of differences you learn tolerance, and empathy which can greatly impact positively your future relationships and negotiations.
  • Exposure and clarity of mind – Exposure to environments, relationships and cultures that can contribute clarity in life decisions. New exposures and unhindered freedom to be, can help you to see and understand experiences and declutter your mind.
  • Funky attitude be gone – Helps with working through personal challenges such as depression, loss or grief. Having clarity of mind without obligations can you help you to process your thoughts and emotions.
  • Real life experience – Provides real life experiences and tools for development of your careers. On returning to start or resume your career, these experiences are invaluable and make you very competitive and desirable for employment. In this global environment that we live in, this could increase your chances of a remote job or a traveling job.

Real Stories from Young Travelers Abroad

Traveling older >45 years old .

  • Time on your hands – You may be newly empty nested and have more time on your hands. When you’re not soccer mom anymore, not cleaned house not making dinner you realize you have no social life it’s out of your kids and you have no idea what to do with your time. This is a great opportunity to start fresh on a new slate.
  • Mid-life changes – Your career may be stagnant, and you need to consider a career change or maybe retirement. This is a great time too set goals, evaluate your past accomplishments, happiness factor and dreams.
  • Mindfulness & Self-discovery – You may be recently divorced or otherwise single, on a search for self-discovery. It’s time to re-introduce yourself to yourself, and learn more about your likes and dislikes, learn how to treat yourself for what you deserve to have and be. It’s time to learn to be present and in the moment and realize that self-love is not selfish.
  • Self-actualization – may need time away for rejuvenation, mindfulness, renewed spirit. practicing yoga, meditation, mindfulness and enjoying being present in the moment helps with personal growth and development.
  • Bucket list items – Have a long list of Bucket List places to see and go. Meeting people with a new sense of purpose, worth and value can open your eyes to experiences you would never previously have imagined. Be open!
  • Enjoy life – You have saved enough and it’s time to enjoy life. You have planned and saved and now it’s time to enjoy your life. It’s no time to reinvent the past, nor ruminate on the past, nor beat yourself up about missed opportunities or stack up regrets.
  • Step outside of your comfort zone – Push your boundaries and push yourself can your achievements. Pushing your boundaries beyond your comfort zone will give you a phenomenon you sense of accomplishment find achievement and personal value.

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