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Shaw Medical Travel Consultants represent over 30 years of experience in medical practice, medical management and operations. Shaw Medical Travel Consultants represent a diverse team of highly skilled individuals who bring together a breath of knowledge that spans all corners of the globe with experience second to none. Our solutions-oriented team demonstrates a breadth of knowledge with tenacity and purpose delivered with comfort and calm.

Monica Lallo, EdD, MPM, MPA
Director of Global Health Initiatives

Tommy Tre' Rice, BSc. Actuary Science, Math
Data Scientist

Healthcare beyond borders

Judi Shaw, MD
Founder & CEO

Dr. Judi Shaw MD, FACP, MMM, CPE, CHCQM is a board-certified internal medicine physician with over 20 years of clinical office experience and over 10 years of Executive medical management experience in utilization management, process improvement and quality control.

Dr. Shaw received her medical degree from the Medical University of South Carolina and completed her Internal Medicine Residency at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. She became a Certified Physician Executive through The American Association for Physician Leadership, then later completed her Masters in Medical Management at Carnegie Melon - Heinz College of Information Systems & Public Policy. Dr Shaw is fluent in English and Spanish.

Dr. Shaw believes in a patient centric model of care. She believes that imperative in the holistic approach to health is the understanding that traditional medicine complemented by behavioral modification and the concepts of cultural wellness intersect to achieve health and well-being. Dr Shaw understands that the patient holds the key to health and Wellness, and the doctor serves as the teacher, and facilitator to achieving the maintenance of self-care able to prevent illness.

Patient satisfaction, client and physician satisfaction can all inherently occur concurrently. A culturally competent healthcare environment sensitive to Cultural awareness and understanding in addition to cultural integration are imperative to achieving a bi-directional healthcare engagement. Integration, caring, education in health literacy, improving well-being and patient empowerment are what drive Dr Shaw to change health care delivery to all in the most efficient, effective, cost effective and transparent manner possible.


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Aneita High, MD
Chief Consultant of Clinical Affairs

Aneita High MD, MPH, is board-certified psychiatrist in child and adult psychiatry. She completed her BS in psychology at Yale University then receiver her medical degree from Medical University of South Carolina. She has over 20 years' worth of experience in correctional psychiatry, adult and child residential care, day treatment, inpatient psychiatry, and school-based and community-based clinics with at-risk youth and underserved populations. . Her passion in helping people and global mental health prompted her to complete a master's in public health at George Washington University with a focus on international medicine.

In addition to practicing psychiatry, Dr. High spends part of her time in Kenya serving alongside her husband in Teule Kenya, a registered NGO that serves orphaned and vulnerable children.

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Maylene Leu-Bent, BA, MSc
Director of Strategic management & Program Development

Maylene Leu-Bent holds a BA from University of the West Indies and a MSc in International Business from the University of London. She is a human development consultant who brings over nineteen (19) years of experience in all aspects of strategic planning, program management and policy advice in public health and other human development disciplines. Maylene has extensive knowledge and experience in the international health systems landscape and has worked to provide senior country-level/regional organizational development and policy advice, for the United Nations, academic institutions, and key international philanthropies. Mrs. Leu-Bent's expertise features work in health policy development, organisational development, strategic planning (national, regional and organisational), programme development, capacity building, with in-country experience in the English-, Dutch-, French- and Spanish-speaking Caribbean, Latin America, as well as the USA and Africa.

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Vicki E. Miller
Director of Clinical Affairs
MD University of Texas Southwestern Medical School.
MPH University of Texas School of Public Health.
BS Baylor University.

Dr. Miller is an epidemiology-trained, board-certified physician who has been engaged in clinical practice for the past 23 years. Dr. Miller is a life-long public health advocate who has dedicated herself to public health pursuits and improving the lives of others, most recently with Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines as a clinical trial investigator. Dr. Miller is well-known in her field, and she has made major contributions in our worldwide fight to end the COVID-19 pandemic.

As co-chair of an independent institutional review board (IRB), Dr. Miller ensures the safety and ethical treatment of research participants. By leveraging decades of clinical experience with community health centers and other clinical settings, Dr. Miller has actively enrolled participants in clinical research studies for the purpose of saving lives. Besides her work with vaccines, she researches treatments and prophylaxis for medical conditions, such as migraines and sexually transmitted diseases. Dr. Miller has also been instrumental in evaluating the health effects of the West Nile virus, which at the time was an emerging and serious public health threat on a global stage.

When not fighting pandemics and diseases, Dr. Miller can be found hiking, kayaking, performing at dance events, practicing yoga, and growing food in her urban garden.

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Lorena Cruz, Certified Medical Assistant
Director of Wellness and Health Programs

Lorena Cruz, a native of Dallas, Texas. is a certified medical assistant who has over 15 years experience working with all ages in private medical offices and is loved by all her patients for whom she is a strong advocate. She believes in holistic medicine and has mastered the art of acupuncture medicine for the care of her patients. Lorena is fluent in English and Spanish and she is a dedicated healthcare professional for whom the holistic care of her patients is of paramount importance.

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Tammi Carter, B.A. in Psychology
Programs manager

Tammi Carter is a Native of Southwest Louisiana. She is a graduate from Louisiana State University with a B.A. in Psychology, minor in Sociology. Tammi has over 20 years diverse experience in the Pharmaceutical industry spanning from Field Sales, Sales Training, Marketing, and Sales Management. . Tammi believes in Empowerment and Accountability through Knowledge, Education, and Resourcing in order for Effective Long term Change to happen.

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Robert Gaskin, AIA
Consultant in Architecture, Design & Construction

Founded in 1997, RCGA Architects is one of the most respected architectural and interior design firms in New York and employs the world's best designers and architects. Their prestigious designs can be seen in structures of aviation, commercial, House of worship, medical, industrial, and residential. From Montreal to Shanghai, they have designed comfortable and livable homes of all shapes and sizes for families. They have extensive experience designing interiors for restaurants and offices as well.

Principal Architect Robert Gaskin AIA has more than 36 years of experience in all aspects of Architectural Design and Master Planning. He directs a firm that not only has become a top-ace in the high stakes field of terminal and hangar design, but one that has also branched out into houses of worship, residential buildings educational facilities completing projects throughout the United States, Europe and the Caribbean.

Mr. Gaskin is Jamaica born, Scottish bred, Pratt educated graduating with a degree of Bachelors of Architecture and is a Licensed Pilot from the Academics of Flight Nassau Flyers.

Prior to founding RCGA Architects in 1997, Mr. Gaskin worked as an Associate Principal with Architectural Firms in New York, Florida and the Caribbean. His expertise and multi-faced accomplishments in Airport Development and Transportation Related Projects makes Mr. Gaskin unique in his field. He has also conducted numerous lectures on Aviation Design and Development throughout the United States, India and the Caribbean.

Voted one of the Top Entrepreneurs in NYC Business of 2005, projects most notably completed are the AirTran stops at the American Airlines and British Airways terminals at John FK International Airport, the new facade for the administrative building at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn and the master plan for the new Diamond Bay Resort and Casino in Jamaica, American Airlines Terminal Concourse C, Alaska Airlines ATO and Gates at EWR and Delta Air Lines LGA Headquarters.

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Luciana Cherques, Treavel Consultant
Custom Travel Design

Luciana Cherques, a native of Brazil, is an expert in the history, culture and geography of South America. Luciana started her career as a Tour Guide in Rio de Janeiro, a practice that exposed her to different cultures and enabled her to communicate and create bonds with many different people across the globe. Since she moved to the US in 1996, Luciana's been working in the travel industry, designing customized programs with focus on Heritage Travel, , and Affinity Travel Groups, and has recently launched her own brand: Connect Vacation.

In Luciana's words: "traveling is about discovering; and while it is about experiencing different cultures, interacting with new and interesting people, exchanging experiences, de-stressing from day-to-day life, and breaking routines, it is also a trip within oneself. Most times, travelers come back transformed and reinvigorated". Luciana does not have a favorite destination. "All countries, cultures, and peoples have something special and unique about them. It's always enriching to share this diversity. A couple of months ago, when traveling with a group of women on an educational trip, we visited a community center geared towards educating children in Colombia's country side, it was amazing how in spite of the language and socio-economic differences, and educational barriers we could receive and give so much; how most of us can easily adapt to an unknown environment and be so receptive to the local people and consequently contribute in such a generous way".

Luciana is well known in the industry and has worked as a Sales, Operations, Product Manager for over 20 years.

Luciana Cherques is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

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