Who we are

Shaw Medical Travel Consultants is a comprehensive health and Wellness management and operations company. We focus on the delivery of personalized programs in medical tourism, uniquely designed niche Wellness programs and education. We bring an unsurpassed level of quality standard in accordance with the six tenants of quality in healthcare delivery. Strong relationship building and transparency are the backbone of our organization.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive collaborative experience in all our programs designed to impact and change lives by self- empowerment, self-actualization and promoting self-reliance, self-sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Our vision is to enhance health and Wellness by improving environments and communities through equity in health care delivery, access, intervention and education.

Core Values:

  1. Empowering and promoting self-sufficient communities.
  2. Self-actualization and personal growth.
  3. Improving health care delivery and meeting healthcare needs.
  4. Promoting health and Wellness.
  5. Promoting cultural competence and global citizenship.

Healthcare beyond borders