Concierge Travel Medicine Consultant

Judi Shaw, MD

Dr. Shaw MD, FACP, MMM, CPE, FABQAURP is a global board certified internal medicine physician with 30 yrs. experience and has a proven track record of delivering timely, effective, high quality care with the utmost attention to detail & efficiency. She has over 20 yrs. of clinical practice experience in all models of outpatient care, emergency and urgent care and extensive intricate knowledge of the business of medicine and healthcare management & administration at the local and organizational level. Dr. Shaw has experience in US, Caribbean and Latin American healthcare markets and is fluent in Spanish.

Products available.

  • Medical consultant for travel groups & mission trips.
  • Concierge telemedicine one on one personal consultations to all international travelers in and out of the USA.
  • Consulting for building comprehensive wellness programs.

Dr. Shaw Presentations and Webinars.

Dr. Shaw was a feature presenter at the International Wellness Tourism Conference virtual event on September 29/30, 2021.

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